Jan 20, 2022

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Vaccine mandate will help restart the economy, says ANC

SA needs to finalize a policy on vaccine mandates for specific environments and activities in order to fully reopen its coronavirus-infested economy, the ruling party said.

“The success of our economic recovery depends on a large degree our ability to cope effectively with Covid-19 as this virus is likely to remain a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, ”President Cyril Ramaphosa said at a rally in Polokwane on Saturday. Anniversary of the founding of the ANC.

Africa’s most industrialized economy contracted the fastest in at least two decades in 2020, and unemployment rose to a record 35% last year as virus-induced lockdowns shut down businesses and trade The government began offering Covid-19 booster vaccinations in December, with only about 45% of adults axles were fully vaccinated.

The government began to pay a temporary welfare subsidy to the unemployed during the pandemic.

With the end of payments in March, ministers and academics have the introduction of a permanent basic income proposed in one of the most unequal societies in the world. The big sticking point is how it should be funded within an overstretched national budget.

There is clearly a need for some form of income support for the unemployed and poor based on affordability and sustainability, Ramaphosa said.

“This is in many ways the reason why Comrade Enoch Godongwana is losing more and more of his hair,” said Ramaphosa, referring to the finance minister.

This issue “is a great challenge”. We need to find resources for that, ”he said.

The anniversary event on Saturday comes at a difficult time for the ANC, which is Africa’s oldest political movement and has governed one since the first multiracial elections in South Africa in 1994 After a municipal vote two months ago, support fell below 50% for the first time, which was a backlash against the city’s sloppy management, high levels of poverty and lack of jobs.

The ANC also came out in a report, which was released last week by a judicial body that has spent nearly four years investigating corruption, under fire and state imprisonment during the reign of former President Jacob Zuma.

It turns out that Zuma and others Senior officials were at the center of an orchestrated campaign to loot government funds while the party was off the revenue. benefited corrupt deals.

Ramaphosa reiterated that party members officially charged with corruption and other serious crimes must resign immediately from all leadership positions in the ANC and government pending the conclusion of their affairs. Those who don’t step aside can be suspended, he said.

Insecurity is also a growing problem. Zuma’s detention for violating a court order as a testimony prior to the state arrest investigation sparked rioting last July, killing 354 people. Last week a fire ravaged Parliament and a building that houses the Johannesburg Supreme Court was destroyed. Suspects have been arrested in connection with both incidents.

The achievements since 1994 are “threatened by a concerted effort to destroy the institutions of our democratic state, undermine the values ​​of our constitution, and the social and economic advances made” said Ramaphosa.

For Ramaphosa, who succeeded Zuma as ANC leader in 2017 after campaigning for an anti-corruption ticket, it will be crucial to change the situation December on a party convention.

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