Nov 28, 2021

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Visitor’s access card used to enter SSA office when R17m was stolen

The Pretoria Magistrate Court heard on Wednesday that the night that 17 million Renktons were stolen in 2015, a visitor pass card that was not booked by the security agency was used to access the offices from the State Security Agency (SSA). .

The court was also informed that keys were used to open the safe that night.

Nyaku William Mmotog is accused of theft. He is one of three men arrested in connection with the theft. The men were reportedly identified on CCTV footage and were found during the week between Christmas and New Years Arrested in 2015.

The charges against Khayalethu Mgatyelwa, Albert Ramabele and Mmotong were eventually withdrawn by the National Prosecutor’s Office (NPA) for lack of evidence, but Mmotong was later again summoned to court.

According to the indictment, Mmotong is accused of burglary with the intent of theft and theft.

It goes on to say that on December 27, 2015, he illegally and deliberately stole, broken into, and entered the SSA offices in the Musanda complex on Delmas Road and stole R17 million in cash in various currencies / p> span>

A finance manager who testified said that the handover of the money and the safe keys by the last cashier on duty did not comply with the required pr. procedure was carried out. The last cashier knocked when no one could relieve her.

According to the manager, the cashier should have counted the money with another cashier or a supervisor and hand over the safe keys properly.

A general manager of the security service, who was not on duty on the day of the theft, announced that CCTV footage systems had been tampered with. < / span>

“I was taken to the checkout. The office door opened and I could see that everything was in a mess. I saw that the cupboard behind the chair was broken. I also saw that the safe in that office was still intact and the door was locked, “he said.

” You could see [on the footage] in the office that they broke in, opened the safe and took out envelopes. “

He could not identify the people on the footage because they were wearing masks and gloves.

The key to the safe was missing in the office. When a vault expert was called, it took him three hours to open it and they found the money was missing.

The manager said he was watching footage on the CCTV how the suspects walked down the corridors, came in and out of the office, leading to the discovery that a visitor’s access card was being used.

He described how the suspects were in got to the office and said, “Two of them climbed through the window on the balcony. They forced the window open and entered the office. Once inside, they broke the [closet] door and opened the safe with the keys they found in the closet. “

He said the suspect was seen in the footage taking envelopes out of the safe and putting them in bags. The suspects then left the building the same way they had entered it.

Other footage in the control room showed a technician tampering with the system, but when confronted the technician said he was doing repairs and later he quit.

Bheki Nkuna from the then SAPS Organized Crime Unit said that the safe had not been opened when he went to the crime scene.

< span> “I was locked, no sign of opening the safe. I was told that the suspects used a key to open the safe. I wanted to know where the keys are kept and was shown a wooden cupboard that “She [the cashier] left the keys for the Christmas holidays,” he said.

The cashier was arrested on suspicion of collusion with the suspects, but was later released.

“I was told they would give you the money I also found that the suspects were entering the building using a visitor card with the number 22. I found that they were on hold with security personnel and anyone wishing to enter would certainly have to write off the card and return it at the end. ”

He also noted that the card was in use from October until the day of the theft, but the person using it hadn’t booked it out by security.

Nkuna said an SSA technician told him the over Security cameras for this section were not working at the time of the theft.

The matter was postponed to March 2022.