Oct 18, 2021

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Voicenote about ‘tropical storm’ is fake news, warns weather service

A voice memo warning South Africans of potentially dangerous weather is bogus and people should stop spreading it.

This was the warning from the South African Weather Service (Saws) that people came out Thursday warned the voice memo that was circulated on social media making claims of extreme conditions related to tropical cyclones.

The voice memo is in isiZulu and was mainly distributed via WhatsApp on Thursday.

< p> “The news is an adaptation of an old historical interview with Saws from the time the tropical cyclone Eloise hit southern Africa earlier this year.

” We want to distance ourselves from this hoax, which is completely misleading is and unfounded. The public is asked to refrain from further disseminating the news and also to correct those who still do, “Saws said.

The service has urged the public to only listen to weather information and warnings from reputable sources access.

“In this regard, the Saws Act provides that Saws is the sole and authoritative source of weather warnings in South Africa.”