Jan 27, 2023

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Want to collect your grant at the post office? Sassa says you won’t get your money because of ‘cash challenges’

South Africa’s Social Security Agency (Sassa) says it is experiencing “cash problems” that prevent people from collecting their welfare payments at cash points, including the post office.

The agency said Tuesday those who go to the post office to collect their scholarship will not receive their money The grants clients who normally get access to their grants funding are not being served – as a result of challenges beyond Sassa’s control. This challenge will also be extended to post offices, so customers are advised not to go to a post office to try to access the funds,” it said.

The Post Office helps disburse Children, Elderly and Social Security in need of R350 from its branches.

It encouraged people to do so Sign up for the bank payment option and say it is the ‘safest’ one.

“Sassa is currently implementing contingency measures where both Sassa and the SA Post Office are present at the payment points and assist all customers to obtain PINs so they can transact at the nearest retail outlets and ATMs.

“In addition, Sassa staff continue to assist affected customers with access to services and ensure that correct information is provided to customers said the agency.

Those who want to collect their grants are said to be able to use their Sassa/Sapo card at any retail outlet or ATM.

“Customers can select both desired Barg withdraw money or buy goods with the card. Any balance remaining on the card is secure and can be accessed at any time. There’s no need to withdraw all the money at once.”

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