Sep 20, 2021

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Watch: EFF members ‘storm court’ to confront alleged killer, Leon Coetzee

Chaos erupted at the Pretoria North Magistrate Court on Friday as angry EFF members tried to gain access to the dock where Leon Coetzee’s bail hearing is taking place. The suspect is accused of murdering his neighbor Thembinkosi Thabethe after a heated argument – triggered by a WhatsApp conversation – became fatal. Murder of a black neighbor in Tshwane “> Who is Leon Coetzee? The suspect accused of murdering a black neighbor in Tshwane

Coetzee, who is accused of having black security guards on his property as” pigs “Denying that he used the language intentionally. His legal team argues that he defended himself when Thabethe” made threats against his wife “after reading the controversial message on the social media platform The state accuses the 55-year-old of stabbing the victim three times.

With a hearing later in the year, many more details have to be set. However, the EFF is not in the mood to wait – and the ground forces in Pretoria made matters even better and stormed the court on Friday.

Watch: EFF -Members invade Pretoria Court

A video shared online features more than a dozen Red Berets dismantling a security gate outside. They casually get in, numerically among the security teams, and go into the courthouse. Officials are still trying to restore order in Pretoria as there were no police officers present in the building at the time of the forced entry. coetzee “> EFF makes strong statement on Leon Coetzee

In the meantime, the Tshwane department of the EFF has published its own statement on the Leon Coetzee trial. Needless to say, they destroy the suspect and call him“ arrogant white racists “. The party’s local structures have vowed to purify the evil spirits of racism in the city. And the colorful language didn’t end there …

< p> “How can a man pick up a knife and mutilate his neighbor for no legitimate reason unless he is motivated by racism? A black young woman has been widowed and six children have remained fatherless. We demand the maximum penalty against Leon Coetzee. We will expose, attack and defeat racism wherever it shows its ugly head. “