Dec 9, 2021

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Watch: ‘Gunshots fired’ outside Nkandla as pro-Zuma crowds swell

Things are getting a little chaotic outside of Nkandla on Thursday afternoon. The collective of supporters who arrived to ‘defend’ Jacob Zuma has now ballooned in this part of KZN – and some of these devoted followers aren’t afraid to show off what they have in their armouries.

Supporters arrive at Nkandla on Thursday 1 July

A large convoy arrived at Nkandla earlier in the day. Hundreds of supporters have made their way to the village Jacob Zuma calls home. The sprawling homestead is now heaving with Msholozi’s die-hard fans, sparking a serious security concern. With gatherings banned at Level 4, the police will have a tough job of dispersing such fervent crowds.

Doubts remain as to whether the 79-year-old will hand himself over to the police. If he fails to do so by Sunday, JZ will then be arrested by SAPS officers. However, both his supporters and family members are determined to stop this happening.

Watch: Gunshots fired by supporters of Jacob Zuma

As the mercury rises within this political thermometer, calming the protesters is a big ask. Not only have some supporters vowed to stop any possible ‘arrest’ of Mr. Zuma, but others were seen and heard discharging their firearms in public:

Jacob Zuma may rely on ‘divine intervention’

The one-time head of state is also counting on support from the religious community. Bishop Sandile Ndlela, a long-time comrade of uBaba’s, was one of the first people to arrive at the gates of Nkandla on Thursday. Zuma, we understand, is set to address his supporters here once he returns back home – and we’re already on standby to expect the unexpected.