Jun 13, 2021

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Watch: Lindiwe Zulu hit by load shedding during TV interview

It couldn’t be more South African: A minister shortened her interview time on Wednesday evening after she was hit by a load shedding live. The minute it struck 8:30 p.m., Lindiwe Zulu was plunged into darkness during her performance at SABC – and gave us a tragic comedy worthy of ancient Greece.

Nobody is safe from Eskom, not even our ministers …

The minister’s reaction also makes this whole sad exchange much funnier : Zulu, Head of Social Development, fills the dead air with a painful “Oh no” as the nature of the situation dawns on you. The moderator then takes action and explains to viewers – or at least those who still have access to electricity – that the interview will be canceled.

Lindiwe Zulu originally appeared on The Watchdog, one of SABC’s flagships Programs to discuss the progress of their ministry, which has overseen a tumultuous rollout of the R350 pandemic aid grant. Unfortunately, the message was lost next to the power supply and Zulu’s time to shine was abruptly stopped.

Watch You: Lindiwe Zulu hit by load shedding live on air!

Load shedding plan for Thursday, June 10th

South Africa struggled with level 4 load shedding for most of Wednesday, and we’re now moving into a level 3 load shedding phase on Thursday morning from 8:00 a.m. The new schedule will apply for 14 hours before returning to phase 2 at 10:00 p.m. Those rolling blackouts are likely to happen again on Friday, with the outlook for the weekend bleak.

A string of outages at Eskom’s pitifully operated power plants has so far blamed a miserable June – and Mzansi was with them battling severe failures in the past 10 days. With no quick fix in sight, the South Africans were warned of a harsh winter – and that before we even factor in a dreaded third wave of COVID-19.