Aug 8, 2022

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WATCH | People must face the wrath of the law: Modise on July 2021 unrest

No one is above the law, including members of the ANC, who may have committed criminal acts during the July 2021 unrest.

So said Defense Minister Thandi Modise on Friday, addressing a media briefing of the Judiciary , Crime Prevention and Security Cluster (JCPS) on law enforcement following the riots and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

“At the government level, we have no interest in protecting this faction or this faction. Anyone who breaks the established norm must face the wrath of the law,” said Modise, who was joined by Police Minister Bheki Cele, Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele and National Police Commissioner Gen Fannie Masemola.

The expert panel’s report on the civil unrest of July 2021, released last November, found that “what looks like factional fighting in the African National Congress has become a serious source of instability in the country”.

Modise was asked about the factions and tensions in the ruling party and how he views the cluster this year as he runs several conferences.

“Members of the ANC are also taxi drivers, bus owners, business people, domestic workers, teachers, nurses; They are everywhere in society. So I suspect that sometimes, driven by economic needs, they take a stand on which line they want to stand.

“When criminal acts, which can be defined as economic threats, are political threats against the States, It would not be in the interest of the ministers sitting here to look at whether he is in this group or not in this group,” Modise said.

She said that when there is crime, you have to go to the police and prosecutors look at what that person has done and act accordingly.

Modise said no one will be protected

“When I do something on my private property, and when I do my things in my colors of the ANC, I need to be able to stand up for them as the person who made the decision on any action I took in that capacity.”