Dec 4, 2022

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WATCH | Victim of Stellenbosch University urine incident lays criminal charges

The Stellenbosch University student, whose laptop and other belongings a fellow student urinated on, filed a complaint Tuesday on charges of burglary, malicious damage to property and racism.

First-year student Babalo Ndwayana arrived Stellenbosch police station is opening a criminal case two days after videotaping the incident, which took place at the university’s residence hall Huis Marais.

Outside the police station, Ndwayana, an agriculture student, said he was exhausted after intense media attention.

Police spokesman Capt Frederick van Wyk confirmed the charges: “A 20-year-old complainant opened a case of unknown burglary, malicious damage to property and criminal injury at Stellenbosch Police Station at around 2.30pm today for investigation. The investigations are ongoing. No arrest yet.”

The university has suspended freshman Theuns du Toit for Sunday’s incident and opened an investigation.

The SA -The Human Rights Commission said it would investigate, and on Tuesday the university’s student council called for Du Toit’s expulsion.

In a video shared on social media, Du Toit apologized to Ndwayana Meeting in the Huis Marais. He has left the residence and is staying with his family.

The ANC said it had noticed “an increasing trend” of racism at Stellenbosch University “and management’s lackluster response to it”.

In a statement, it said: “The ANC fully supports the victim and calls on the university to crack down on the white student who chose to shamelessly urinate on a fellow student in an act of sheer racism.” /p>

“There are also videos circulating allegedly of students at the university attempting to portray the university as ‘tainted’ by the admission and participation of black students on campus.”

The statement said provincial leaders would meet with university leadership on Wednesday, support a student march on Thursday and ask to see Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to raise concerns about Stellenbosch.

The Democratic Alliance appealed to the University Council to resolve the incident and clarify remedial actions.

< span> “We urge the Dealing with the matter with the promptness, care and seriousness required by the situation. We also encourage the university authorities to provide all necessary support to Mr. Ndwayana to minimize the impact on his studies. He did not ask for it and he should not suffer any adverse consequences,” the prosecutor said.

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