Jan 31, 2023

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‘We accept 7% increase but consider adding R15,000 one-off sweetener’ — NUM members

Eskom employees overwhelmingly accepted Eskom’s offer of a 7% wage increase, but many regions are proposing an additional one-time sweetener of R15,000.

This was revealed at a feedback meeting on Monday at the National Union of Mineworkers ( NUM) outside a Shop Steward Council with the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) who are currently meeting and consolidating their position on a salary increase offer from Eskom.

Various regions present their feedback in Sandton prior to the 2pm convening of the Central Negotiation Forum.

All NUM regions that made presentations in the morning accepted the 7% pay increase offer made by the utility on Friday, with some proposed changes.< /p>

A representative from the Highveld region in Mpumalanga told the meeting that their members would propose a two-year deal to avoid “fighting with Eskom” every year.

He said they also suggested that Eskom pay them a one-time fee of R15,000, which was supported by other R regions who presented their feedback.

Eskom staff want also that the principle of “no work, no pay” is not applied. Workers went on an unprotected strike two weeks ago.

“We need to teach Eskom a lesson so they don’t have to unilaterally change employment conditions in the future,” one member told the works council.

A representative from the Western Cape, who also addressed the gathering, said he was pleased that conditions of service were being restored. “We would like Eskom to include a line [in the agreement] that says Eskom will not change the terms of service in the future without consultation,” she said.

Eskom had changed the terms of service last year, some take away the benefits. Seemingly with its back against the wall, the utility last week agreed to union demands for the reinstatement of some employment conditions, in addition to offering a 7% pay rise and a R400 increase in housing benefits. p>

The two unions NUM and Numsa will meet before the meeting of the Central Negotiating Forum to consolidate their positions and speak with one voice in meetings with Eskom representatives.

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