Aug 9, 2022

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‘We are living in a movie’ — Shock at parliament fire flaring up again

SA was shocked on Monday after a fire re-ignited and spread in Parliament in Cape Town.

Firefighters had largely contained the fire that broke out on Sunday morning, but strong winds ignited and fanned that Fire resumed late Monday.

It threatened to spread to President Tuynhuys ‘official office after it had engulfed “the entire roof”.

JP Smith, the Mayors’ Committee of Cape Town City Security and Protection Member said the fourth and fifth floors of the new wing above the National Assembly had been “completely gutted.” Tuynhuys. The crews are dampening the vegetation that separates the two buildings. Heavy-duty fire extinguishers have just arrived from the air and are ready for use in the current strong winds, “he said.

The fire has now been contained.

The fire has a lot of g e grabbed the nation’s attention and sparked a call from the EFF to move Parliament to Tshwane.

On social media, many shared their shock at the fire flaring up again and compromising the security of the building.