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‘We do not expect any drama,’ says AmaFaku royal family as AmaMpondo King Zanozuko is laid to rest

Tuesday’s special Category 1 funeral service for the late AmaMpondo King Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau is expected to take place amid tensions in the royal family over who is the rightful heir to handle the funeral rites.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the family were embroiled in a bitter court battle after the AmaFaku royal family and the reigning AmaMpondo king, Prince Dumelani Sigcau, filed an urgent petition in the High Court in Mthatha on Monday night to have the funeral of to prevent the late king from taking place without their involvement.

Recognized as the legitimate acting king and body, they have been issued an order allowing them to preside over the funeral, which will take place on Tuesday in the took place early in the morning.

They wanted an order that declared them to be the right people and structures to oversee and conduct all customary rituals during the funeral or memorial service for the late king.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to deliver t The eulogy during the service, which will be at 9 am Ndimakude Great Place inFlagstaff in the Eastern Cape.

Sigcau, who died was sworn in as king on May 31, 2018.

TimesLIVE assumes it The incumbent king was allowed to see the body of the late king and performed the necessary rituals on Tuesday morning, despite several challenges surrounding the release of the late king’s remains.


The spokesman for the AmaFaku royal family , Prince Mzwandile Marhaqana, said: “So far, so good. Everything is going as planned. We don’t expect drama. It is unfortunate that we had to go to court to resolve the matter when we should have resolved it internally as a family. We had no choice but to go to court.”

In an interview with TimesLIVE early Tuesday, the late King’s brother Prince Chulumancu Sigcau said the family had been forced to go to court, to remind the government that Prince Dumelani was the legitimate reigning king.

“After the order was given, we met with the family and shared the order. We still experience a certain defiance. They are trying to defy the court order, and that resistance began when the morgue had to release the body so the rituals could be performed,” he said.

“Although it’s traumatizing, we will correct it it. The funeral will take place. The reigning king was able to identify the body of the late king and the rituals were performed in the early hours of the morning.”

Sigcau said after Ramaphosa declared a special Category 1 official funeral for the late king, The Royal Family appointed Prince Dumelani acting king on June 2, as there were certain rituals that had to be performed by a king on the day of a sitting king’s funeral calm down, the government did not recognize the AmaFaku as a royal family. There are rituals that must be performed specifically by the king, such as

“After appointing our reigning king, we sent the reigning king’s particulars to Prime Minister Oscar Mabuyane’s office. Then a distant relative named Stella, who had been at odds with the king, sent a letter to the prime minister saying her brother was the rightful heir.” Sigcau said Mabuyane wrote back, saying, “He is conflicted guessed and confused” by submitting the two names.

“We have told the government not to confuse them. We as a royal family have appointed a reigning king from where the late king descended. We told the Prime Minister to correct it or we go to court and they ignored it.”

Sigcau said it was only the Presidency who acknowledged receipt of the letter.< /p>

“That’s why we filed an urgent petition with the court to remind the government and all concerned that a king has a certain responsibility at the funeral. The government wanted to deal with the matter after the funeral and we felt that the funeral could not go ahead because we would not allow the government to dictate our customs and traditions as AmaMpondo to us.

“The funeral will continue and will be conducted by the incumbent King Dumelani Sigcau.”

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