Dec 4, 2022

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‘We’re moving backwards & putting millions of lives in jeopardy’ — Black Sash slams R350 grant changes

Human rights organization The Black Sash has criticized recent changes to the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa), saying that beneficiaries of the R350 Social Emergency Assistance (SRD) Grant will be required to be included in both the application and the Collection phase face several obstacles.

Sassa recently announced that beneficiaries will no longer receive their payments at SA Post Office (Sapo) branches.

Speaking on eNCA, Black Sash Executive Director Rachel Bukasa said there was limited information on how people could apply for and collect their grant payments.

Bukasa said millions of people would lose the grant for not being able to qualify.

“The system is structured in such a way that the people who really need it are excluded .

“One of the examples that we keep coming up with is that systems of government me like sars are not up to date and reflect a certain amount of money … now people have to be poorer than poor to qualify q.

“The new regulations are backwards and put millions of lives at risk for those who now have no access to them.”

< p>< span>Previously, the organization has criticized Sassa and Sapo for not paying beneficiaries directly.

“Sassa is taking two steps backwards by not implementing contingency measures for beneficiaries bear the brunt of the administrative challenges. The Department of Social Development and Sassa need to consider alternative measures to allow beneficiaries to access their grants free of charge.

“While retailers are free to use for beneficiaries, they must warn that private companies are providing a government service to ensure that the Cash Paymaster Services debacle that led to the Sassa crisis, which forced Black Sash to file an emergency appeal with the Constitutional Court, is not repeated,”< span>said the Black Sash.

The organization said a strong communications and media strategy by the department and by Sassa was critical to ensure that beneficiaries are aware of the changes affecting you. It asked Sassa to step up its strategy to ensure that the changes introduced do not come at the expense of beneficiaries.

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