Jun 22, 2021

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Weather forecast, alerts and UVB index for all South African provinces, 10 June 2021

Weather data from the South African weather service. Click here for a detailed forecast for your province.

Difficult Weather warnings


  1. Zero.


  1. Zero.


  1. Nil.

Gauteng : < / h2>

Temperature: Partly cloudy and cool, but cold in the south.

Expected UVB sunburn index: High.

Mpumalanga :

Temperature: Cloudy with morning fog in the east and i m southern highveld, otherwise partly cloudy cold and cold to cool, but warm in places in the lowveld.

Limpopo :

Temperature: Cloudy with morning mist in East, otherwise partly cloudy and cool.

Nordwestprovinz :

Temperature: Nebulae in the southeast at first, otherwise nice and cool, but partly cloudy in the northeast.

Free State :

Temperature: Nebulae in the first south and east, otherwise fine and cool to cold.

Nor thern cape:

Temperature: Morning nebulae in the southeast and along the coast, otherwise fine and cool but warm in the north.

Wind: The wind along the coast blows weak to moderate from south to south-east.

Western Cape:

Temperature: Morning fog along the southwest coast and in the central interior, otherwise fine and cool to warm, partly cloudy from late morning on the southwest coast. < / p>

Wind: The wind along the coast is in on the south coast. Be light and variable in the morning, otherwise moderate to fresh south to southeast.

The expected UVB sunburn index : Mäßig.

Eastern Cape: < / span>

The western half temperature < / strong>: Fine and cool.

The western half – wind: < / span> The wind along the coast gets lighter in the north and lighter in the southwest in the afternoon.

The eastern half < / strong> Temperature : Fine and cool.

The eastern half Wind : The wind blows along the coast sc hwach from the northeast.


Temperature: Partly cloudy with isolated showers in the extreme northeast, otherwise fine and cool, but cold in the southwestern elevations.

Wind: The wind along the coast blows moderately east to northeast, but southeast in the extreme north.

The expected UVB sunburn index: Moderate.