Aug 18, 2022

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‘Wellness of a Child’ campaign to focus on instilling honourable values in boys

Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) joins The Character Company (TCC) and other partners to launch the “Wellness of a Child” campaign on July 1st at 10:00 am.

< span>During this Nelson Mandela Month initiative, industry experts will discuss how organizations are working to change the trajectory of gender-based violence in South Africa. They will analyze how support structures and long-term mentoring programs aimed at instilling noble values ​​in boys will be implemented.

Date: 1 July 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Including the speakers< /b> :

  • William Dachs, GMA CEO
  • Barbara Jensen Vorster, GMA Senior Executive Manager of Communication and Marketing,
  • Vuyo Lutseke, Director of the Shared Value Africa Initiative and;
  • Redmond Louw of TCC< /span>

The Wellbeing of a Child campaign aims to support the growth of boys to become good men and the trajectory of gender-based violence in South Africa Transformation and “moving boys in the right direction and keeping them on track” to change.

Together with the support of their partners wants the GMA:

  • Raising awareness of a child’s well-being;
  • Putting the spotlight on boys-kids and you emotional, physical and psychological well-being through the partnership of men’s empowerment organizations; and
  • Ensure that confident men can interact with confident women for an equal and balanced society.

< span>Be part of the change. Join the GMA to help educate, transform and empower children.

To watch this event live go to: https://youtu. be/A1-W1knYCME.

This item was paid for by Gautrain.