Nov 28, 2021

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What happens to the information I provide via EVDS?

All information in the Electronic Vaccination Record System (EVDS) is securely stored and the system complies with all applicable laws.

The government gave this assurance to reassure the public about their personal information.

The information provided during registration helps with planning as the data from the system enables the government to assign vaccines to service points.

“The system allows the government to ensure that enough vaccines are available are a specific vaccination day. The information will also be used to communicate with you about the vaccination program if necessary. All EVDS data is securely stored and the system complies with all applicable laws, “said the government.

The EVDS is used to digitally record Covid-19 vaccinations and send data to the Ministry of Health’s data analysis platform for surveillance – and reporting purposes.

“The EVDS is under the direct control of the Ministry of Health. The EVDS is available to administrative staff and vaccinees registered in the system.

“The system can be accessed via a web browser with suitable and compatible devices. The system also includes the ability to register vaccines (expressing being vaccinated) with EVDS.

“If the health department hires third parties to help develop and support the EVDS platform, they have commercial and confidentiality agreements that are contractually obliged to comply with all requirements of provision 8 of the ordinances in accordance with Section 27 (2) of the Disaster Protection Act as well as the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Data Protection Directive. “

The department monitors compliance with this legal Requirements.

“To develop data collection tools and user applications for EVDS, the Mezzanine Ware (Pty) department and the Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR.)) Contracted,” it said.