Dec 5, 2022

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‘What is he coming here to do?’ — Strong reaction to Ramaphosa attending tavern tragedy funeral

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to attend the mass funeral for the victims of the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy has sparked heated debate, with some claiming he should stay away and others urging him to take action on underage drinking to seize.

Ramaphosa will attend the funeral service for 21 young people on Wednesday who died at the Tavern in Scenery Park in east London last month.

The 12 girls and nine Boys mysteriously died while in the tavern around the end of the school year at a Pens Down event.

The Presidency announced that Ramaphosa was killed by Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane and provincial and local government leaders will be joined at the service to comfort the families of the deceased.


The mass funeral service will begin at 9:00 am at Scenery Park Sports Field.

In his weekly newsletter, Ramaphosa condemned the scourge of underage drinking.

“Adolescent alcohol use is associated with dysfunction, absenteeism from study, alcohol-related injuries, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and risky behavior,” he said.

“We must unite to fight this vice that robs our young people of the best years of their lives and leaves them vulnerable to alcohol addiction. As a family, it means having open and honest conversations about alcohol and setting boundaries.”

Ondela Sokomani, the regional chair of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), addressed Ramaphosa’s decision in a speech on SABC News question, saying he was not welcome in the province.

“What is the President coming here for? We understand that he is here to mourn, but we question the ability of his government because Ramaphosa talks about building a capable state from time to time and we question his ability to do so,” Sokomani said /p>

He said unless Ramaphosa announces a clear program that will empower young people in the country, his presence will be meaningless.

“As ANCYL, we say that his presence here will benefit the youth of Scenery Park will mean nothing, particularly as he has failed to negotiate with Eskom’s Andre de Ruyter. We are in a dark land, resulting in young people having to play in the streets and being exposed to all kinds of societal ills.

” Unless he comes here to announce a clear program , which will empower young people in the country, his presence here will be meaningless.”

Sokomani’s comments revealed a split in the organization, with ANCYL Regional Secretary Khonaye Tilongo “criticizing the generosity of members who faced the tragedy in Scenery Using park to feed themselves. absorbed and partisan interests.”

​”The ANCYL in WB Rubusana has noted with great contempt the actions of certain members posing as leaders in the region, while also exploiting the heartbreaking tragedy for their own selfish political advantage,” Tilongo said.

“We condemn the use of factional infighting and terrible pain for ulterior motives.”

Many spoke out against Ramaphosa’s presence some say they don’t see how attending the mass funeral can help with anything.

Wh A few said he mourned with the mourners, others said there were more urgent matters Ramaphosa should address, such as fuel price hikes and the Eskom crisis.

Here’s a snapshot of what many had to say :

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