Jan 31, 2023

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What you said: ‘Parents, children and venue must all be investigated’ in Enyobeni tavern tragedy

TimesLIVE readers shared their thoughts on the deaths of 21 people at the Enyobeni tavern in the Eastern Cape over the weekend.

The tavern in Scenery Park in east London closed on Sunday after 17 diners died inexplicable reasons at the venue. Several others were hospitalized, where they died.

TheDaily Dispatch reported, Initial speculation was that Patron were revealed to be poison of some sort as none of the bodies showed any visible injuries.

Bodies were seen lying as if guests would suddenly collapse while dancing or conversing. Some were seen slumped in chairs and over tables.

When many questioned the management of the venue, claiming that minors as young as 13 were visiting the tavern and were the victims, Police Minister Bheki Cele suggested that parents should also take responsibility.

He said they should know their children’s whereabouts and enforce curfews.

The majority of TimesLIVE readers agreed, urging pub owners and the Parents and children are held accountable.

In a survey, 51% said “all parents, children and the venue need to be investigated”. 45% said “13-year-olds should not be allowed in pubs.”

Four percent said youngsters should be responsible for themselves.

The debate continued on social media .


“You can’t blame the parents. Children no longer listen to their parents simply because their father and mother’s “government” has given them infinite rights over their birth parents. How can you expect parents to call their children to order when there are rights that contradict whatever law they make at home,” said Michael Ramabu.

Delyse Hopkins said the parents were to blame.

“Who goes to bed at 12 and their 13-year-old kid isn’t home yet? Regardless of whether we blame everyone else, the buck stops with the parent raising that child.”

Vernon Moganedi asked, “Why are we always looking for one thing, the we can blame?

“It’s a societal problem. This is the result of a multifaceted problem. A child’s consciousness is not shaped solely by the teachings of the parents. It’s influenced by many things.”

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