Sep 20, 2021

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‘Who knew Rosemary Ndlovu would one day be a celebrity’, says alleged killer cop

“I’m fine and I’m ready for today. I’m doing above average.”

These were the words of former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu just before she appeared in the Palm Ridge High Court stood where she should make her statement.

Before her appearance, the former policewoman staged a spectacle for the media contingent, put her hands on her hips, fanned herself and asked if they were satisfied with the pictures, that they made of her.

“Who would have thought that one day Rosemary Ndlovu would be a celebrity,” joked Ndlovu in XiTsonga when addressing the court interpreter.

“I am woke up early to put on your make-up, “Ndlovu joked with the reporters.

This was a different person than she had portrayed in previous court cases when she entered the court and stayed to herself, just with them if necessary Bailiffs and their lawyers spoke.

The former police officer who was at the police station Che Thembisa South was stationed in Ekurhuleni, has since been on the do ck to present her evidence.

She will respond to allegations that she killed family members and her boyfriend so she can file insurance claims .

She is also accused of trying to kill other family members, including her sister and five children, her mother and niece.

Ndlovu was arrested after becoming the alleged hit man Njabulo Kunene had contacted the police and told them that Ndlovu had allegedly recruited him to kill her sister and children by setting fire to her home in Bushbuckridge.

The police initiated a stabbing operation that Ultimately led to Ndlovu being caught on camera and explaining in detail what she wanted to do.


When Ndlovu’s defense began, her lawyer found out how she dealt with the alleged commission r who met Kunene.

Ndlovu told the court that she met Kunene on a visit to her friend Cebisile Kunene in December 2017.

“Cebisile and I hung around talking about how we can raise the money we wanted to spend at Empe ror’s Palace [a casino complex], “said Ndlovu.

She said while they were sitting there Njabulo had arrived.

“As Cebisile and I continued our discussion, this gentleman stared at me. It seemed like he was drunk. During this time the Lord spoke to me and said on IsiZulu: ‘You look familiar to me’. I told him I don’t know him. He said I arrested him while I was with a male police officer. I told him I don’t remember him. He said he lived in a squatter camp in Vusimuzi and during the police operation guns were discovered under the bed, “Ndlovu told the court.

That’s when she found out that this man was Cebisile’s brother.

Ndlovu and her friend continued their conversation while Cebisile called several people to raise money.

“In that discussion, when we were trying to raise money, I told them about Nomasonto and the Situation that I had with her. I had taken Nomasonto to a Mr Madonsela, a loan shark, in the past, but she never paid that money back, ”said Ndlovu.

Nomasonto is also known as Gladys Ndlovu and is related to Ndlovu. While the court referred to Nomasonto as Ndlovu’s sister, she said she was her aunt.

“I then told Cebisile to call Nomasonto and ask if she had the money to pay Mr. Madonsela . I called Nomasonto and asked if she was home. She said it was her, ”Ndlovu told the court.

Njabulo listened to the conversation and offered to take her to Nomasonto’s house as it was too hot to take a taxi. They agreed.

Ndlovu said Njabulo left and came back in a car a short time later. In the vehicle were the driver and another man, Lakhiwe Mkhize. They got in the car and drove to Ndlovu’s sister house in the Phomolong section.

Ndlovu said she asked the driver to stop near her sister’s house, and she and Cebisile went to the house. She had wanted the men to stay behind out of respect for her sister’s husband, who would not take it well if she brought men home.

However, it is the evidence of Njabulo and his friend Mkhize that the trip was made so that Ndlovu could show her sister’s house. They claimed this happened after Ndlovu recruited her and said she had a job for her. The task, they claimed, was to kill Nomasonto.

The process continues.