Nov 28, 2021

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Will I get a shopping voucher if I get vaccinated?

Citizens 50 and over who take the vaccine will be rewarded with an R100 food voucher after receiving the vaccination.

The Vooma vaccination voucher < The strong> initiative was launched this month by the health department to ensure that as many people as possible over the age of 50 are vaccinated before the fourth Covid-19 wave.

According to the department, three out of five over 60-year-olds (62%) have received at least one vaccination dose.

“If we can, up to Reaching almost five out of five by the end of the year, we will break the force of the fourth wave, “it said.

” The problem is that the vaccination rate in the elderly is very low now. Less than 6,000 people over 50 are vaccinated every day, which means that by the end of the year 1.8 million elderly citizens will be vaccinated. ”

The one of the reasons people would not want to be vaccinated, be that they would have to pay to visit vaccination centers or other related costs could arise, although the vaccination itself is free.

“We would like to try to make vaccination as easy as possible for people, ”it says.

How does the Vooma voucher work?

People aged 50 and over who receive their first Covid-19 vaccination will automatically receive an SMS notification about an R100 voucher on the one they have for the Vaccination provided mobile phone number.

Those who do not yet have a free money market account with Shoprite must either register in the shop or via a free USSD, WhatsApp or mobile app. The free service ensures that the voucher can be traced and reissued if it is lost and has not yet been redeemed.

It also means people don’t have to spend anything the full voucher at once. The voucher is valid for 30 days after receipt.

Vouchers are issued until the end of November or until the vouchers are used up, whichever comes first. So far only 8,135 vouchers have been redeemed.

“So far we have financed 260,000 vouchers. Vouchers will only be given to people who come for their first dose, either the J&J vaccine or the first dose of Pfizer, but not the second dose of Pfizer, ”the department said.