Oct 21, 2021

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Will there be load-shedding during elections and Christmas? Eskom CEO clears the air

Load shedding was suspended on Thursday, but Eskom is already working hard to ensure there are no blackouts on election day next month and over Christmas.

In Speaking to eNCA this week, CEO Andre de Ruyter admitted that the utility has seen some problems but has plans to keep the lights on for the next few months.

“We plan very carefully to do everything in our power to ensure that there is no load shedding during elections. We fully understand that this is an important democratic process and we want to enable and facilitate this, ”he said.

He added that Eskom did not expect a load shedding over Christmas.

“Fortunately, the demand during the Christmas season is traditionally low, so we do not expect any load shedding during the Christmas season.”

At Christmas there was no load shedding day last year, however the country was hit by power outages a few days later. Stage 2 has been implemented to “maintain emergency power reserves in preparation for the higher demand expected in January when economic activity resumes”.

Mzansi has just completed the last round of load shedding, it lasted a week.

Eskom said it had used the time to carry out repairs on generators and continue maintenance.

“Although we were able to replenish the emergency power reserves, we had to continue to rely on the electricity system to be supported during this period, ”it said on Wednesday.