Oct 21, 2021

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Witness in Nathaniel Julies murder case insists constable shot at crowd

A police officer who was present when teenage Nathaniel Julies was shot dead in Eldorado Park last year claims Const Caylene Whiteboy shot a group of people earlier that day.

Const Mandla Sithole was cross-examined Thursday in Johannesburg High Court after giving evidence on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Whiteboy, Sgt Simon Ndyalvane and Sgt Vorster Netshiongolo are alleged to be in connection with the 16-year-old’s murder Indicted August 2020, who had Down Syndrome.

Whiteboy and Ndyalvane were charged with murder. Ndyalvane and Netshiongolo are also charged with illicit ammunition possession. All defendants face disregard charges, while Netshiongolo faces perjury charges. They pleaded not guilty to any count.

During his testimony, Sithole explained what happened after Julies was shot and how Whiteboy allegedly developed a version of the events to be presented to authorities, such as Julies went shot.

Sithole had also testified that Whiteboy allegedly shotgun at a crowd in front of a shop in Freedom Park near Eldorado Park on the 26th. It was shot by Whiteboys Attorney Solly Tshivhase noted that there was no mention of Whiteboy shooting at the crowd in Freedom Park anywhere in Sithole’s testimony, Sithole said, despite not mentioning it in the statement, Whiteboy fired shots.

Tshivhase also told Sithole that if Whiteboy testifies, she will say that it was Ndyalvane who fired shots at Freedom Park with Sithole.

Sithole denied this, claiming it was Whiteboy who fired the shots.

“I never shot anyone,” says Sithole id, adding that he lived a few blocks from the store. “How can I shoot the people I’m staying with? My boy could be there. ”

Judge Ramarumo Monama, following a question from Tshivhase, asked if the reason Sithole took his colleagues in after the shooting was because of these events to relieve – among other things from the death of Julies. Sithole said no.

Sithole admitted participating in a disciplinary hearing after the shooting, but denied it had anything to do with possession of illegal ammunition. He said the charges were for leaving his post and the sanction was a written warning.

Sithole’s cross-examination will continue on Friday.