Jun 26, 2022

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Witness quizzed on ‘contaminated crime scene’ after Meyiwa murder

A defense attorney in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial on Tuesday continued to cross-examine the first state witness, suggesting the crime scene was contaminated.

Attorney for five defendants, Zandile Mshololo, described a bullet projectile that was found on Crime scene found as part of “Remnants”.

“We heard someone cleaned the crime scene, so all you found were remains,” Mshololo said during cross-examination by Sgt. Thabo Mosiah .

Mosiah told the court he did not believe he did not do his job properly. However, Mshololo argued that the recovered projectile was collected after the crime scene was “contaminated” – during Mosia’s second visit there.

“This bullet was recovered on the kitchen counter, which was recovered under these circumstances, is the one who ties the defendant to this case based on ballistics results,” she said.

Mosia had mentioned during his testimony that a bullet was found on the kitchen counter behind glasses.

< p>“When I got to the crime scene, I didn’t see it as a contaminated crime scene. I looked at it as an ordinary crime scene,” Mosiah said.

Mshololo was referring to a statement previously presented in evidence by a witness, whose name cannot be provided, which stated that a A woman named Maggy Phiri had cleaned the house before the police arrived.

“Maggy Phiri started picking up empty [liquor bottles] off the floor. I asked why she cleaned the house before the police arrived. She replied that she didn’t want the police to see that people were drinking in the house,” the statement said.

Asked why blood was found in the living room and not in the kitchen, in the Meyiwa was allegedly shot, Mosiah said, “It’s surprising to me, I can’t answer.” He acknowledged that the reason no blood was found on the kitchen floor could possibly be because the kitchen was being cleaned.

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