Oct 23, 2021

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Woman accused of dumping dog in Boksburg is cleared of wrongdoing

A Netcare employee accused of attempting to drop a dog in the Boksburg area was acquitted of any wrongdoing following an inspection by the SPCA and an internal investigation by the hospital group.

According to a Netcare statement, the woman and her family live in fear after a photo of her and her vehicle went viral on social media.

The woman intends to take legal action against the passerby, who took her picture and posted it on social media without understanding why she quit and what she’s doing with the dog.

Netcares HR and Transformation Director Nceba Ndzwayiba said the hospital group had the Investigate matter with colleague of employee. Operation.

She said the main outcome was that the passerby who stopped and confronted the employee misunderstood what had happened and made wrong assumptions.

“Earlier this week, after the Incident, our colleague voluntarily turned to the SPCA to inspect her home, “said Ndz wayiba.

” Netcare has viewed the formal letter from the SPCA upon completion of their investigation.

“The letter stated that an inspection of the staff’s dogs was carried out on October 7, 2021, and found a black male cross-border collie and a male cross-rottweiler. It is also said that both dogs appeared to be healthy and had access to food, water and shelter.

“Our colleague’s report on the incident shows that she was out and had one of her dogs with her. since the family has recently suffered some traumatic criminal incidents and they feel safer with the dog by their side.

“She said the dog started whining on this special occasion, so she stopped the car to take care of it. Apparently the passer-by then stopped and began to intervene, which our colleague took offense, and she put her pet back in the car and drove home.

“The passerby photographed the event without permission and published it together with it her suspicion that this was an attempt to abandon the dog. As a result, our colleague was publicly abused and slandered.

“The public outrage over the unsubstantiated contribution has reached such a level that the family is now afraid to drive their car for fear of being harassed or attacked .

“You have decided to take legal action against the person who misinterpreted the event and caused them a lot of harm through these false allegations on social media.

” This was truly a terrible ordeal for our colleague and her family, for whom Netcare is arranging a consultation to help them overcome this traumatic experience. We trust that the information in this statement will bring much needed clarity to the situation and that the family will now be left alone to recover, ”said Ndzwayiba.