Dec 4, 2022

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‘You’re not a revolutionary, your brand is built on hate’: Inside Maimane and Lux Dlamini’s war of words

An SA leader, Mmusi Maimane, slammed Operation Dudula’s leader, Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini, saying his operation was a “dangerous diversion that solves nothing”.

The battle of words between the two comes after Maimane shared his opinion on Podcast and Chill with MacG about what Dlamini’s organization is doing.

“Operation Dudula hates other Africans and I have a problem with that,” Maimane said.

Dlamini responded to Maimane’s claim was discarded.

“We have never practiced any of the methods he associates us with. The problem with SA politicians is that they don’t call things by their proper name. They hide behind English words to sound smart,” he said.

Maimane hit back and named Dlamini a “lightie” used by “politicians”.

You are not a revolutionary, you are not a visionary, and your whole brand building on hate. Your operation is a dangerous distraction that doesn’t solve anything,” Maimane said.

He said Dlamini was a distraction and a “Will Smith slap in the middle of a war in Europe” .

“My focus is on the real causes of our problems in SA, the ANC government that has underdeveloped and plundered SA for 28 years. My focus is on improving education, entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses.”

Previously, Maimane invited Dlamini, ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba, to be the political leader Prosecutor Gwen Ngwenya and the Home Office launched a debate on Afrophobia and immigration developments and solutions in SA.

The debate proposal came in the wake of Mashaba’s criticism of the DA’s proposal to grant amnesty to undocumented migrants, saying, the party’s stance does not take into account the unemployment crisis in SA.

According to Maimane, “contradictory versions of what is desired” were evidence that the debate was necessary.

“Some people want us to chase after qualified professionals who are here legally and help us achieve our development goals. They support the firing of math and science teachers and hurt students,” he said.

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