Aug 4, 2021

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Zizi Kodwa & ‘EOH kickbacks’ — what SA had to say about corruption allegations against deputy minister

Corruption allegations made against deputy minister Zizi Kodwa at the state capture commission have triggered outrage and calls for accountability.

On Tuesday, the commission heard evidence from the MD of ENS Forensics, Steven Powell, who conducted a forensic investigation into IT company EOH and tender irregularities involving the public sector.

He alleged that Kodwa was paid kickbacks by the company’s Jehan Mackay of up to R2m between May 2015 and February 2016.

The payments were made as EOH was bidding for government tenders. They allegedly include deposits to his personal bank account, payments for luxury holiday accommodation in the Western Cape and car payments.

Kodwa told the governing party’s integrity commission that it is not necessary to reappear before it to explain the recent allegations, ashe had previously explained the transactions made between him and Mackay were between friends and there was nothing untoward about them.

Powell last appeared before the commission in November, where he alleged Kodwa was a benefactor of corruption. He said Kodwa received suspicious payments from Mackay amounting to R325,000 while he was ANC spokesperson in 2015.

Here are some social media responses to Powell’s evidence: